Broadcasts are an integral element of esports, so we attach great importance for the final recipient to receive the highest quality product.

The rights to broadcast the most important esports events are a great priority for us every year. Thanks to them, esports fans can be up to date with the most important games.

Previous broadcasts met with great interest from our community- as evidenced by the numbers achieved during their lifetime – at the very event of PGL Krakow, our broadcast was visited at one time by over 107,000 spectators, up to 5 times more than the Tauron Arena has in total – where competitors of the CS: GO had the opportunity to compete! During this event, fans watching our broadcast received unique content – exclusive access to the backstage area of the hall. Only we and one other entity had this priviledge!

2018 was marked by the World Championships in CS: GO – Faceit Major running in London. In addition to a professionally carried out project, we prepared a series of short journalisms – Cafe Major – as well as summaries in the form of a video dedicated to one of the transmission partners.

PGL Kraków and Faceit Major are not everything – over the years we have had the opportunity to broadcast such important esports events as LCS, Eleague Major and Worlds during each of them we focused on the highest quality of implementation and providing interesting content related to the games.



viewers at one time during PGL Major 2017


YouTube views on Polish PGL Major 2017 coverage


views on Facebook Esport Now PGL Major 2017


views of content from Faceit Major 2018 on Facebook