Simracing w nSport+

In the spring of 2019, almost every industry was struggling with the crisis caused by the pandemic, including the sports industry where all events have been canceled. Because of that, sports TV stations did not have fresh content that they could broadcast on their channels

That is why, in May 2020, we have prepared a series of simracing races for the Canal + platform in  Assetto Corsa with the participation of top Polish simracers and stars sport: Paweł Fajdek, Marcin Urbaś, Karol Basz and Gosia Rdest. In total, we prepared 14 races, 7 in both the GT3 and DTM class, which were broadcast live on nSport + on Fridays and Sundays, in prime time. 

Virtual races was played on faithfully reproduced tracks known from the F1 format

The whole event had a good cause, because Canal + funded an award which was entirely given to help the injured speedway rider – Andrzej Szymański, and the whole action was supported by Krzysztof Hołowczyc