There are no bad players, they are just hungry ones

“There are no bad players, they are just hungry ones – we were guided by such assumptions when conducting a marketing campaign for the popular restaurant chain – KFC. One of the most important tournaments in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Faceit Major London 2018 proved to be the best opportunity to perform. The viewers could count on special contents prepared in cooperation with KFC containing the best actions of the games and happenings during the analysis of meetings, and in a simple and accessible way, they could order food using the codes prepared for the occasion.

The Major rank tournament was not the only opportunity to promote KFC. On 6 October a special action was launched, during which players could get discount codes for orders from KFC on specially prepared maps. The players had to decide for themselves regarding the priority during the game – getting the discount code or earning points for their team. The action turned out to be a success because for two days there were 11,299 players involved in it. The entire project showed that the right approach and understanding of the target group is the key to success, meaning a warm reception by the gaming community as well as the media of the new brand in the world of esports.



players involved in the promotion


entries to the dedicated KFC Delivery link during Major transmission


views of the “TOP Actions video delivered by KFC”


views of materials with the KFC brand on Facebook

Production House: Epic Pictures